Formal sessions and social activities will take place from lunchtime on Thursday 20 September to lunchtime on Saturday 22 September. Unless indicated otherwise, all components will take place in the Faculty of English:

Thursday 20 September
Friday 21 September
Saturday 22 September

Thursday 20 September

12.00-1.00pm Registration and Buffet Lunch (Main Foyer)
1.00-1.15pm Rhodri Lewis: Welcome and Introduction (Lecture Theatre 2)
1.15-2.45pm Panel 1. Chair: Noel Malcolm (Lecture Theatre 2)
Anthony T. Grafton (Princeton University), Writing to Others: The Boundaries of the Republic of Letters
Richard Maber (Durham University), Friendship Groups and Epistolary Networks
2.45-3.15pm Tea (Main Foyer)
3.15-4.45pm Panel 2. Chair: Nicholas Davidson (Lecture Theatre 2)
Ingrid De Smet (University of Warwick), Connecting Epistolary Communities: The Correspondences of Paul Choart de Buzenval
Filippo de Vivo (Birkbeck, University of London), Epistolary Politics: Exchanging Information between Venice and England in the Early Seventeenth Century
4.45-5.15pm Introducing Early Modern Letters Online (Lecture Theatre 2)
Demonstration of the union catalogue of sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century learned correspondence created by the Cultures of Knowledge Project
5.15-6.45pm Drinks Reception (Senior Common Room & Terrace)
Celebrating the new partnership between Routledge and The Seventeenth Century (General Editor: Richard Maber). Reception generously sponsored by Routledge. Find out more!
8.00pm Dinner (Al Shami)

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Friday 21 September

Refreshments available on arrival (Main Foyer)
9.00-10.45am Panel 3. Chair: Rhodri Lewis (Lecture Theatre 2)
Howard Hotson (University of Oxford), Cultures of Communication in an Age of Crisis: The Many Layered Network of Samuel Hartlib
Jan Loop (University of Kent/Warburg Institute), Clandestine Inter-Library Loans: Johann Heinrich Hottinger (1620-1667) and his Troubles with the Koran
10.45-11.00am Coffee (Main Foyer)
11.00-12.30pm Panel 4. Chair: Anthony Grafton (Lecture Theatre 2)
Anthony Milton (University of Sheffield), Epistolary Networks and the Manufacturing of International Reformed Opinion in the Mid-Seventeenth Century
Nick Hardy (University of Oxford), Old Testament Criticism in the Confessional Republic of Letters
12.30-1.30pm Buffet Lunch (Main Foyer)
1.30-3.45pm Panel 5. Chair: Mordechai Feingold (Lecture Theatre 2)
Florence C. Hsia (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Communication, Community, Corpus: Epistolary Print Cultures and the Society of Jesus
Sarah Rivett (Princeton University), Learning to Write Algonquian Letters: Conversion, Communication, and Translation in the Seventeenth-Century Jesuit and Protestant Atlantic World
Will Poole (University of Oxford), Epistolary Contacts between England and China in the Restoration
3.45-4.15pm Tea (Main Foyer)
4.15-5.45pm Panel 6. Chair: Ian Maclean (Lecture Theatre 2)
Leigh Penman (Goldsmiths, University of London), In statu Exulii: The Networks of the Amsterdam Printer Hans Fabel (1616-after 1650) and the Impact of the Thirty Years’ War
Paul R. Quarrie (Maggs Bros Ltd, London), What Types of Information can Letters Provide for the Book Historian and Bibliographer?
6.00-7.30pm Drinks Reception (Divinity School, Bodleian Library)
Celebrating the publication of The Correspondence of Joseph Justus Scaliger (Editors: Paul Botley and Dirk van Miert. Editorial coordination: Henk Jan de Jonge, Anthony T. Grafton, and Jill Kraye). 8 vols, Geneva (Droz) 2012. Reception generously sponsored by the Cultures of Knowledge Project and Droz. Find out more!
8.00pm Conference Dinner (Wordsworth Room, St Hugh’s College)

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Saturday 22 September

Refreshments available on arrival (Main Foyer)
9.30-11.15am Panel 7. Chair: Jon Parkin (Lecture Theatre 2)
Mordechai Feingold (California Institute of Technology), The Rise of Scientific Culture and the Return of Old British Barbarism: The Two Cultures Debate in Early Modern England
Antony McKenna (Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne), Pierre Bayle’s Dictionary: Correspondence Networks in the Republic of Letters
11.15-11.45am Coffee (Main Foyer)
11.45-1.15pm Panel 8. Chair: Philip Beeley (Lecture Theatre 2)
Rhodri Lewis (University of Oxford), Their Manner of Discourse? Scribal Culture, Civility, and the Early Royal Society
Iordan Avramov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), The Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg and Book Reviews in Philosophical Transactions, 1665-1677
1.15-1.30pm Noel Malcolm: Concluding Remarks (Lecture Theatre 2)
1.30-2.30pm Buffet Lunch and Depart (Main Foyer)

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